Graduate Project in Information Management


A book manage app that help people organize their bookshelf by image recognition technology

Even though e-books flourish today, physical books still make up the majority of people's books. We noticed that most people do not properly organize their bookshelf which causes a lot of waste. Sometimes, people do not know what books they have or where are these books. Within a year, we designed a physical book app to solve these problems.


BookCam is the combination of “Book” and “Camera”. With book image recognition technology, BookCam can turn books image into a booklist by just taking a picture. People are going to have a more convenience life by using BookCam.


►Merit of tertiary student project group, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards

►Second place of innovation group, GETFRESH Competition

►Best popularity award of International ICT Innovative Services Awards

►Second place of 4G mobile business applications group, International ICT Innovative Services Awards

►Best innovation of Asia Pacific exchange program group, International ICT Innovative Services Awards


Team leader

UX/UI Designer

Visual Designer


2016/2 ~2017/2

Team Member






How many books do you have?

What books do you have?

Where are these books?

Do you know any answer to questions above? With advances in technology, bookshelves are gradually abandoned because they only provide the basic function of placement. To let bookshelf cope with changing times, we designed the App “BookCam”.





  Camera                          Bookshelf                      Convenience

We divided people’s reading problems into three categories:

filing complex, management time-consuming, and book idly.

BookCam provides three main functions to deal with these three problems:

Concept Video



BookCam combines “Cloud Image-Recognition Technique” so the user can easily finish filing by only taking pictures of their bookshelf.

My Bookshelf

All books’ information will be shown on “My Bookshelf”. The two interfaces “Imitating Bookshelf” and “List” help user to manage books.

Book Store

Not satisfied with passively staying on user’s bookshelf, by co-operating with second-hand books website, BookCam has “Selling” and “Wishing Pool” functions which give books the power to be more initiative.

BookCam targets on four user groups


A. Students:

In every end of a semester, Student has to deal with piles of books they’ve bought. With functions “My Bookshelves” and “Bookstore”, the user can easily solve the problems of wasting time in filing and finding buyers.

B. Scholars:

For the reason of research and education, most scholars possess a lot of professional books and these books usually be scattered all over their houses, offices or laboratories. With “My Bookshelves” function, these numerous books can be easily recorded, managed, and rapidly found where they are. 

C. Family:

A family is the main market we target on. Because there is no doubt that most families have a huge collection of books which belong to different kind of categories and different age group. By using “Camera” and “My Bookshelves” function, the filing process can be more efficient.

D. Second-hand bookstore:

The user can sell their books to 2nd bookstore directly on BookCam.

Compare to similar book app on app store, we have the features of innovation, convenience, and expansibility

Design Process

1. Ideation: We ideated broadly which generated a total of 20 ideas, out of which we narrowed down to 3 main functions.

2. User flow: We decided user flow then drew Use Case Diagram and Sequence Diagram to confirm the interaction in this system.

3. Error analysis: First, I drew the initial interface. Next, I evaluated the logical process, potential issues and technical feasibility with the team.

4. Usability test: We accomplished the app. Then asked fifteen users for their feedback and further amended the app.



Login page

Next Step

In the future, we can focus on BookCam’s additional value. For example, adding sociability, adding personal applications, and extending to the management of other items. Moreover, BookCam can be applied in a social enterprise of book donation.



    This one-year project is the first time I have completed a project from nothing. From the process, I learned how to brainstorm an idea, how to design a process from user's point of view, and how to make successful product’s position which let it different from other similar apps. I also learned Photoshop and Illustrator to design the interface. It’s intriguing to visualize my ideas with hand and digital sketching.

In order to know user need, we analyzed a lot of book apps and people’s opinion. Besides, during every week’s demonstration, we got many feedbacks from our professor and other groups which opened our eyes and promoted us to constantly improve this product.

    Even though we still have some technical problems to accomplish our goal, we believe that with advanced technology and high expansibility, our products can change people’s life.